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Bedroom Vanity

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Bedroom Vanity Buy Online at Best Price - SohoMod

There’s no better way to add beauty to a home than by placing artistically designed vanity and console tables. These tables not only add to the elegance and value of your house but can also be used for storing numerous items.

These types of tables can usually be found in the hallway or bedrooms, and they complement the décor perfectly. A console table can come in 2 or 4 leg-configurations; if you opt for the former type, you’ll need to make sure you secure the table to the wall to guarantee stability.

Console tables are quite narrow with long legs; antique or modern, this is how they are designed. However, some consoles that are designed to be used as entertainment centers are larger and have no legs in particular – sporting a more block-like structure.

The latest trends in console tables include an all-glass structure that can dramatically improve the looks of the area where they are placed. A great idea would be to place this kind of a console table in the hallway with a beautiful vase on top.

Depending on the design of your bedroom, vanity table furniture can do a great job of enhancing the overall look of the room. Whether you prefer Victorian-style furniture or eclectic style ones, the choices for both vanity and consoles are almost unlimited.

The vanity tables are divided into four distinct types:

  • Attached Mirror
  • Separate Mirror
  • Sit Down Style
  • Stand Up Style

The Attached Mirror type of vanities has mirrors that are attached to the vanity itself, similar to the traditional style vanity tables.

Another type that has grown to become a trend these days are ones that come with separate mirrors that can be attached to the wall where the table is placed. These incorporate modern designs and are extremely pleasing to the eye.

The Sit Down style of vanity tables is no doubt the most common of all; a small stool can be pulled out from beneath the table itself. The Stand Up Style table is more suitable when you’re more into performing tasks while standing up and in a hurry. These usually have a mirror, lots of drawers and a smooth work surface.
No matter which table you choose, they are bound to make your house more beautiful.