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Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage photo Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage for sale

Granada Bedroom Set w/Storage by Fenicia Mobiliario, Spain

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Granada Bedroom Set With Storage

Crafted by the able hands of ESF, this Granada Bedroom Set with Storage is a perfect rendition of what you dream about in your bedroom. The bedroom set is a piece of art in itself, and it brings forth an amalgam of functionality with exquisiteness to deliver on the goods that you expect of it.

The high-end quality of the structure would accentuate the look of your bedroom and add to the comfort levels within the room. There aren’t many bed sets that can match the grandeur and appeal of the Granada Bedroom Sets.

The white high gloss finish of the headrest and the nightstand complements the rustic appeal of the structure to give you the best of both worlds— comfort and aesthetic appeal. Bed sets often compromise on comfort to give an aesthetic appeal or on aesthetic appeal to give comfort, but the Granada bedroom set delivers on both sides to give you a bed set for the ages.

Furthermore, if this wasn’t it, the Granada bed set comes with its very own storage area. The storage area, located underneath the bed itself, can be used for storing spare items, away from everyone’s sight. A lot of clutter inside the bedroom can impede the impression you want to set, which is why you can store all spare vases and other items inside the chest.  The storage area alongside the bed is quite spacious and gives you a good opportunity to store spare items without making them appear prominent.


  • This modern, high-end bedroom set is made of superior quality materials and has a brilliant white high gloss finish. The white high gloss finish is easily cleanable and does not go dirty soon.
  • The bed is available in both King and Queen Sizes, making it easy to choose based on your preferences and needs.
  • The bed comes with a storage area of its own, which can be used to store spare accessories from across the bedroom in a safe manner.
  • The bed has a solid structure, which complements the shiny white gloss to create the perfect image. The Granada Bedroom Set is perfect for all kinds of interior bedroom spaces.

Sohomod.com offers easy shipment for all items and ensures that all items reach you in a timely manner. We also provide warranty for all items that are priced over $2,500, which is why you can enjoy a 5 years warranty by buying this product from us.

Granada Bedroom Set from Fenicia Mobiliario, Spain, is a luxurious and distinctive addition to any bedroom suite. The bed has a motion activated lights and motion censor located in the middle of each wing.


Fenicia Mobiliario, Spain

Fenicia Mobiliario is a high end manufacturer and retailer for quality additions to your home. Based in Spain, the manufacturer adds the perfect touch of rustic Spanish furniture to the modern, contemporary taste of the United States to create an amalgam that is worth a purchase. Their products are best suited for all kinds of interiors and accentuate the curb appeal of your house to create the right impression on all visitors.

Their beds come with a solid structure that is further amplified through the use of hard color tones. The Granada bedroom set by Fenicia comes with a hard white color tone that is quite distinctive and easy to spot. Their series of bedroom sets are conveniently priced, and come with all the additions necessary for making your purchase a perfect one.

The dressers perfectly complement the comfortable design of the beds to create a unique color combination. The simple look of the dresser makes it easy on the eye, and ensures that your bedroom looks as comfortable as you want it to be.

Their wall units are a treat for the eyes, and come in a wide variety of designs. Fenicia prides itself on the exquisite wall units they provide to their satisfied customers. The wall units go perfectly well in your living room, and add to the family time spent watching your favorite shows in television. The wall unit helps recreate the family gatherings in front of the television set, and attracts all family members towards the living room. There is a touch of serenity and simplicity to them; something which you would only expect from the hands of the most experienced craftsmen.

Fenicia’s bedroom set compositions are a treat to go through, as you will surely end up falling in love with one of these wonderful sets. The sets come with their own matching dressers and night stands, and add to the overall composition and aesthetics of your bedroom.

The Cordoba Bedroom Set is the perfect topping on the cake for Fenicia Mobiliario, as it is a rendition of the classy town of Cordoba itself. The bedroom set brings forth a simple, yet elegant creation through the combination of a flawless bed structure, a head rest and additional dressers and night stands.

Fenicia Mobiliario is one brand you should look out for while shopping at Sohomod.com. They have a wide variety of offerings, all catering to the diversified tastes of homeowners.

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